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Solution to Titanium Backup Being Stuck

Titanium Backup is the most dynamic backup tool on android which allows its users to backup, restore and freeze the apps, data and market links. The protected apps and system apps are included in this list. Even the external data on our SD card would be restored without closing any additional apps. We can also view data in any application without any major hassle. Titanium Backup allows the users to install a new firmware in their device without going through the rigmarole of returning the device to its previous unit.

Problems faced during Titanium Backup:

Users have often been faced with a restoring conundrum where the process takes an infinite loop whenever a new custom rom is installed and the user wishes to restore their apps and their data. Often times the titanium backup freezes on the screen and refuses to execute no matter how many times one re-does the process and reboots their phone. The situation could be particularly infuriating and a proper knowledge on how to fix these small bugs is essential to everybody.

Backup stuck at 0%

The obsolete Super User Binary Files could be a major cause for the backup to get stuck at o%. None of the apps get installed that were backed up and the process is frustrating to endure. To fix this problem, install SuperSU from Play Store and launch it. This app will direct to specific out-dated binary files and update them. Connection to the internet during this process is essential. After it is done, reboot your device and start the process again.

Backup stuck at Scanning Available Backup:

Due to change in the Android’s File System while flashing the rom, the app may sometimes prove to be incapable while indicating the specific folder in which the backup was made. Open SU Permissions from the app and click on the preference option. Then look for auto detect. Grant SU Permissions to Titanium Backup Pro Apk and run the program again. This would disintegrate any problem that the device faces.

Backup stuck at Restore:

Always choose the Interactive Mode in App Processing options. Restore the app to select the Interactive mode. If the issue still persists, check for a newer version of the app available on Play Store.


Given above are some of the basic solutions to problems faced while running a Titanium Backup. The best solution is to always look for the newer version in Play Store. While Titanium is the most potent application management program for restoring, backing up and changing locations of apps, it should be handled with a deft knowledge and a proper study to minimize chances of error.

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