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Month: February 2017

Titanium Backup root V (7.0.0) APK How To Use & Download Official Version FREE!!

Titanium Backup root: Titanium backup root apk is one of the most popular applications in the market from past few months. due to Titanium Backup root ‘s capacity to backup all the important data of the user. The data consists of all type of data like application data, system data and also the Wi-Fi passwords on the handsets. This backup is used in the android operating system where the system might crash due to unknown sudden issues or some other reasons. Below explained are some of the process and various other facilities the titanium backup root apk offers. download Titanium Backup root  by following the below steps.

Titanium Backup root

Titanium Backup root apk

Titanium Backup Root Apk Download:

Titanium backup root is the process of performing the backup with the handset which is rooted before the backup is performed. First of all, the Titanium backup needs to be installed on the handset and after that titanium backup is run on the handset. Then the user will be prompted with the super user and he/she needs to select to give the permanent root access so that they will not be prompted again.

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How To Perform a Mass Backup Using Titanium Backup Root:

Titanium backup root  downloadis one of the best tools for performing the mass backup. The mass backup is not present in the Backup/Restore tab but it is present under the section of Batch actions under the General tab as the second option. If the user has a lot of data installed on his handset, then the application will take the considerable amount of time to backup all the data. The system data includes various kinds of data like bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, calendar events, etc. If the user is performing the backup for the first time, then he needs to select the “backup all users and system data” option or the “backup all users” option. If the user has already performed the backups and he needs to only install the newer applications, then he/she needs to select the “backup newer apps” option so that the newer installed apps are backed up and added to the old list.

 Titanium backup root Apk

Titanium backup root Apk

Creating a Recovery Backup File Using Titanium Backup Root Apk:

Recovery backup files are used when the user experiences a corruption in the system files or other adverse situations. Normal backups prevent the apps from the bugs whereas the recovery backup creates a zip file which can be used when the system got crashed. Move over to the batch options in the titanium backup root apk. again and scroll down the menu until the screen shows the “Recovery Mode” option. Here, the user can select the applications that they like to include in the backup zip file. The user can also choose between applications or data only and it will create the zip file accordingly. The name the of the zip file should be specified appropriately so that the user can remember what it is.

Performing Scheduled Backups Using Titanium Backup Root

There is an option of scheduled backup in the application where the user can specify to make a backup every day, every week or every month anyway. In the “schedules” tab of the main menu, the application provides the two options with the first option of backup of the applications that have been changed since the last backup and the second option of backup of the newer apps, system data and other updates since the previous update.

Restoring From Backup In Titanium Backup root apk: 

In the option called “batch actions”, the user will find a set of options which can be used for restoring the different kinds of data in the handset. “Restore missing apps with data” option in the menu will replace any type of content that is being missed from the user’s handset after a wipe. In a similar way, “restoring all apps with data” will replace any of the existing apps with the backed up versions of them that are created in the earlier backups.


This is all about downloading and installing Titanium Backup root. if you have any doubts regarding Titanium Backup root Apk do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts. thank you.

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